England national team: Disgraced Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling present in Three Lions training session.

2019-11-13 16:49:42
England national team: Disgraced Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling present in Three Lions training session.
Despite being denied a game against Montenegro, Manchester City striker Raheem Sterling trained with the Three Lions on Tuesday alongside Liverpool's Joe Gomez, who showed up with a small scratch in his face after his altercation with the Citizen.

Raheem Sterling was dropped from the English squad for the match against Montenegro after his altercation with Joe Gomez at training.  

The Liverpool defender was "attacked" by his teammate from Manchester City, who had not yet digested his team’s defeat at Anfield in the Premier League. 

Sterling's behavior prompted Three Lions coach Gareth Southgate to make the decision to drop Sterling, which he announced at a press conference. The Manchester City striker was dismissed "for sowing disorder in a private area of the national team"

"It's not up to me to talk about the details of the incident, in the end I still have to find the best solution for the group and how we have to work to get going. very difficult, you must always be fair, I made the decision and I think it was appropriate Raheem is an important player for us but I thought it was the best decision, "said the English coach.

On Tuesday, 'Sky Sports' discussed new details about the altercation. It would seem that Sterling was annoyed during the training with the Three Lions. The player apparently made a provocative remark at Gomez in the canteen of St George's Park, the training center of the Three Lions.

Enough to provoke Gomez to stand up, before Sterling catches him by the neck, according to the information from Sky Sports. The other players initially thought that Sterling was joking, but it soon became clear that he had lost control and they stepped in to separate the two players. It was a situation that would have forced captain Jordan Henderson to rein in his two teammates, causing the Citizen to offer an apology.
"I'm dealing with a very young team, we're in a sport where emotions are often high and Raheem explained last night that his emotions had taken over for a brief moment," added Southgate.

Sterling had since acknowledged on Instagram that "emotions have taken the above on [him]." 
Sterling and Gomez had already snagged on Anfield's lawn at the end of Sunday's Premier League clash with the Reds (3-1), but they seemed to have made peace at the final whistle hence the group's surprise at Sterling's attitude.

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