Spanish La Liga: Ronald Koeman opens the door to Barcelona.

2019-11-14 15:05:58
Spanish La Liga: Ronald Koeman opens the door to Barcelona.
In a recent statement that will no doubt capture the attention of Ernesto Valverde, the sports director of the Dutch Federation revealed that Ronald Koeman had a clause in his contract allowing him to join Barcelona after Euro 2020. 

The Dutch coach who did not want this information to be made public agreed to briefly discuss the subject on Wednesday, in remarks relayed by Marca. He has until March 2020 to give his answer. 

"It's a chance to go to Barcelona, but only after Euro 2020. I do not know if I will continue to talk about it because it is a little strange to talk about the possibility of going to a club while you are the coach of the Netherlands," he said. 

Within a year leading the Oranje, Koeman has given color to the Dutch including a final League of Nations lost against Portugal last June.

Thanks to this good work, he caught the eye of Barcelona which thought of him as a replacement for  Valverde who is in the hot seat.

Koeman has previously expressed his desire to coach the club with which he won the 1992 Champions League and four La Liga titles. 

He had said that there is no other club than Barca for which he would leave Oranje.

In any case, one thing is certain; unconvincing and disappointing since his arrival in Catalonia, Valverde should not be extended in 2020 as reported by 'Marca' and the former coach of Everton is the main candidate to take the dreams of the Blaugrana side. After Koeman, there are very few credible options with the 'Blaugrana' identity.

According to 'AS', the departure of Valverde at the end of the season is well known, despite the clause in his contract allowing him to extend the adventure for another year. The only thing that could make him stay is to win a hat-trick this season. 

Fans are already speculating if he will take Memphis Depay together with his suitcases to Catalonia. Koeman has commented that his star striker Depay, now with French outfit Lyon, should play in a bigger club. According to Koeman, Depay, who is sometimes the captain of his team, is very important for the club and the Oranje. 

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