Italian Serie A: Marco Giampolo sacking from AC Milan a premature move.

2019-11-18 17:55:12

AC Milan assistant coach Daniele Bonera said Marco Giampaolo needed more time to develop his ideas at the San Siro.

AC Milan assistant coach Daniele Bonera said Marco Giampaolo needed more time to develop his ideas at the San Siro.

At the end of last season, AC Milan parted ways with Gennaro Gattuso. And at the start of this season, the Rossoneri also appointed Giampaolo as their new coach. This meant that over just a few months, AC Milan had two different coaches with different working methods, tactical approaches and ideas of defending.

Unfortunately, Giampaolo had a bad start with Milan. In the end, the former Sampdoria architect also set a new record at the San Siro.

He became a coach with the shortest tenure in Milan. Together with Gianluigi Donnarumma, he only lasted for seven games.

After firing Marco Giampaolo, Milan finally appointed Stefano Pioli. Bonera said the two players have different game philosophies.

"In just a few months, we have two different coaches with different work methods, a tactical approach and defensive ideas," he told Gazzetta dello Sport.

"With Giampaolo, there is more focus on the ball. While Pioli is more practical and works in the position of the players, "explained Bonera. The former defender returned to Milan as an assistant manager in June, going back to the club where he was a defender from 2006 to 2015. He worked under both Giampaolo and his replacement Pioli during this turbulent period.

 Giampaolo has a different philosophy than what Milan is used to in the last few seasons. Previously the Rossoneri were identical to the 4-3-3 formation while Giampaolo used a 4-3-1-2 scheme.

According to Bonera, Giampaolo is a good coach. He also called Milan too hasty to get the 52-year-old coach.

"Every coach has his own method, but Giampaolo doesn't get the time he needs to develop his ideas. Then again, in a club like Milan, you will never get a lot of time," he said.

Meanwhile, for Pioli, Bonera cannot say much about his performance. "Pioli's work is difficult to evaluate after only one month on duty," said Bonera.
Troubles continue to brew for AC Milan, as there are reports of a potential exodus of talents next summer, with goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma to set the example.

So far, AC Milan has played five times after sacking Marco Giampaolo. The Rossoneri's performance looks improved but Stefano Pioli can only win once and lose three times.

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