English Premier League: After having stung him, Jose Mourinho praises Tottenham’s Dele Alli.

2019-11-26 17:54:34
English Premier League: After having stung him, Jose Mourinho praises Tottenham’s Dele Alli.
While he had not hesitated to sting him in his ego, Jose Mourinho this time congratulated Dele Alli, after his good performance against West Ham.

Accustomed to teasing his players in the media, José Mourinho did not wait long before making his first victim in Tottenham. Just before making his big debut against West Ham (2-3), the Special One sent a message to his attacking midfielder Dele Alli.

Indeed, the English international being in great difficulty for several months, the Portuguese had used a method that is very similar to that used with Karim Benzema when he was at Real Madrid for example, consisting of poking the ego of his player hoping to provoke a reaction.

"I asked him if he was Dele Alli or his brother (...) I think he's potentially a fantastic player, now I have to put him in a tactical situation that makes him happy to bring back the true Dele Alli because that's the one that impressed us in the past," Mourinho then said in remarks reported by Sky Sport. And obviously, the former coach of Chelsea and Manchester United has (still) hit the mark. 

And for good reason, Alli delivered a nice performance Saturday in West Ham (3-2) in the Premier League. Involved on two goals, the English international has this time received the compliments of his new coach after the meeting, the latter does not hide his satisfaction. 

"I spent a few minutes with him in training and off the pitch, we said the best Dele Alli had to be back, he's too good not to play a key role with the Spurs. not to be one of the best players in the world, he's a fantastic player and he showed it today," said the Special One, who will have an Alli back to his best in filling the backlog under Mauricio Pochettino.

Mourinho returned to the Premier League as the head of Tottenham, replacing the unfortunate Pochettino.

Mourinho’s predecessor was their coach since 2014 and had led the Spurs to the final of the last edition of the Champions League. 
The departure of Pochettino was not so surprising considering the recent outings of the Argentine tactician and the conflicting relations with his now-former president Daniel Levy.

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