Italian Serie A: Carlo Ancelotti is here to stay at Napoli.

2019-11-28 18:04:34
Italian Serie A: Carlo Ancelotti is here to stay at Napoli.
Without a win in 7 games, Carlo Ancelotti has scuttled himself, while the club Napoli is torn by a conflict between the players and its president, Aurelio de Laurentiis, for several weeks.

The days of Carlo Ancelotti at the head of Napoli are numbered? This is what suggested by the Italian daily Tuttosport, evoking a possible departure of the former PSG coach. But despite the troubles, Ancelotti did not think of resigning.

Before the 1-1 draw with Liverpool on Wednesday in the fifth round of the Champions League, Ancelotti spoke about the situation of his club where there is a conflict between the players and the president. 

"If you do not have the faith and confidence of the players and the club, then yes, you can consider resigning, but I have never thought about it," said the Napoli coach. 

"Maybe if the club does not trust me, if they do not trust me, I could think about it, or if the players do not trust me, but that never happened to me, have never caught this signal (...) It's a fleeting moment, there are many problems that we will solve."

According to the Italian press, Gennaro Gattuso is expected to take the reins of Naples if Ancelotti leaves. Gattuso, 41, has been unemployed since being sacked from AC Milan last May. The former midfielder does not have a very impressive business card as a coach. But his reputation as a leader of men can is of interest given the current context on the side of San Paolo.

Ancelotti would always keep the support of his players, but the pressure is still accentuated on his shoulders because of a series of seven matches with no win in all competitions. His helplessness during the crisis that rocked the club, including the dispute between the players and the management that followed the Champions League match against the 1-1 draw against RB Salzburg, had seriously weakened him. 

Having been with the club since the summer of 2018, he is short of levers to revive the machinery and could well experience the same mishap that he experienced with his former club Bayern Munich.

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